No matter how complex your design, we’ve invested in the technology needed to manufacture it accurately and efficiently

We’ve invested in accuracy

If manufacturing your product in metal requires folding, you may already understand the importance of accuracy. From the exact location and dimensions of any cuts, to the perfect angle of the fold. If you want it to fit then it needs to be right.

When it comes to accuracy we refuse to compromise. We’ll begin by working with you to ensure your 3D Drawings are executed in the most advanced software, allowing us to test and verify strength and measurements prior to manufacturing.

Once we’re ready to manufacture you can rely on the latest technology to deliver the best results. Our Folding Machine features a 6 axis back gauge that ensures we can achieve the exact angle you want on every fold. The patented laser angle measuring system continuously measures the fold as it happens.

From start to finish

We offer a complete metal manufacturing service from start to finish for all of our customers. Our aim is to allow you to manufacture your automation products efficiently and to the high standards that your customers expect.

Our complete service supports your business from concept and design through to finishing and assembly. Talk to us today about your ideas and we can help you to explore what’s possible.

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