Optimising your metal manufacturing


We’re proud to provide your business with access to the service and expertise that you need to optimise your metal manufacturing.

We’re passionate about working in metal

Understanding metal is about more than just being aware of its properties. It’s also about being aware of what’s possible – and that comes from experience.

Our team brings together a unique combination of expertise and skills, and a passion for the materials they work with. They can help you fine tune and improve your metal manufacturing project from start to finish. Allowing you to make the most of what’s possible while managing your costs and timeframes.

We invest in technology

Manipulating and manufacturing products in metal requires efficiency, accuracy, and attention to detail.

Metal Magic will always invest in the latest machines and the best technology: because smart innovation supports efficient manufacturing processes.

We keep it simple

Metal Magic is a Lean Manufacturing business and we understand the power of keeping it simple. By operating with a focus on efficiency and quality, we are able to ensure that the money you invest in metal manufacturing allows you to deliver the best product to meet your customer’s needs.

We believe in quality

We’re focused on getting it ‘right first time’. Whether your product is going into the New Zealand market or you are exporting overseas, we understand that our ability to manufacture to a high standard impacts your reputation and ours. You can rely on Metal Magic to always put quality first.