The right team to fabricate your product

Our on-site fabricators are specialists in fabricating aluminium, mild steel or stainless steel. They’re experts in the material that you choose to manufacture in, and they know how to get the best results for your business.

Whether you need welding, tapping or countersinking, we can help you to identify the right way to manipulate metal to create your product. We are experts in both MIG welding (heavy duty welding of mild steel) and TIP welding (precision welding of stainless steel).

Get the best results from fabrication by working with us to support your metal manufacturing needs. Our focus is on using our expertise and technology to help you manufacture more efficiently. We work in partnership with our customers to make it easier to grow your business with metal.

The strength to get the job done
We’ve invested in the best design software so our customers can get more out of the manufacturing process. If you’re designing or manufacturing in metal, our 3D Drawings and Product Development can help you to assess the strength of your product and the right material for your job.

Investing in your 3D Drawings up front is a great way to identify opportunities to manufacture more efficiently or to adjust the detail of your design for better performance.

Get in contact and find out more about our 3D Drawings today.