Choose the best finish for your product to complete the production process

Galvanised Steel

Mild steel rusts if left untreated. Galvanising offers anti-corrosive benefits that ensure your product can be exposed to the elements without being impacted by them.

Galvanising is a cost-effective option that’s popular for functional products that do need to last, but don’t need to look pretty.

Zinc Plating

Zinc plating is the ideal finish for smaller products and parts that need to be protected from the outdoors. It looks good and gets the job done, and choosing zinc plating can ensure that your products last as long as your customers expect them to.

Sand blasting

Sand blasting is essential, prior to the application of the finish of your choice. It performs a dual benefit of removing corrosion and preparing the surface for your finish.

Corrosion that’s left on metal can continue to grow, undermining the strength and durability of your product. By sandblasting before the application of your finish, all potential corrosion is removed. That means that when the coating is applied, you know your product will be protected and free from corrosion – both inside and out.

By sandblasting the surface of your product, we can also ensure it has just the right level of roughness or smoothness to ensure that your finish will stick. A long lasting finish means a long lasting product.

Powder coating

Coating your product in a fine powder gives you the opportunity to create the coloured appearance you want, while protecting from the corrosion you don’t want.

Powder coating is a strong protective coating that’s popular with metal products, particularly those produced in higher quantities.

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Spray painting

Where powder coating is not an option, spray painting provides a versatile way to finish your project. Spray painting is great for adding colour to a product that’s being manufactured in materials that won’t withstand heat, or are being produced in small quantities. Choose spray painting and enjoy the flexibility of a broad range of colour options.

Stainless steel polishing

Stainless steel comes with its own protection and durability, but it may need extra finishing if it needs to function as Food Grade Stainless Steel.

Polishing ensures that the surface of the Stainless steel will be resistant to bacterial growth, whilst being easy to clean/sanitise. By polishing the surface of the Stainless Steel it’s possible to remove any flaws or imperfections that could make it difficult to clean or provide a home for bacteria. At the same time polishing enhances the strength of the protective oxide layer.

Aluminium polishing

Polishing and anodising Aluminium allows you to achieve the protection and appearance you would like from small componentry. There are a wide variety of colours available so you can choose the perfect match for your project; knowing your product is protected from the environment and made to last.

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